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Namco System 246 / 256 all arcade fighting games 4K 60 FPS PlayStation 2 based arcade system

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Real arcade hardware recorded using the Elgato Camlink 4K, Extron 109xi, and the OSSC. Upscaled to 4K 60 FPS for best video quality.

All the clips were recorded by me, no other clips from other online video sites or YouTube channels were used.This video will be showcasing almost all the Namco System 2X6 fighting games that were released on the platform,starting with the launch title

“Bloody Roar 3” which was released on December of 2000 on the Namco System 246 Rack (A). Just like the Sega Naomi, these hardwares were also licensed to other game developers (Sega,Capcom,Taito, and Banpresto). I did leave out one fighting game that uses a hard drive, that game being

“Fate/Unlimited Codes (Capcom / Type-Moon / Cavia / 8ing, 2008)”. No Gundam games will be featured as I have another video planned exclusively for those games. Almost all of these games run in 15khz-31khz resolution with the exception of Bloody Roar 3, which runs in 15khz only. All of these games in exception of

“Bloody Roar 3 and Super Dragon Ball Z” use DVD media. BR3 and SDBZ use CD media (even though, SDBZ is labeled as a DVD).Most of the Namco system 246 games are backwards compatible with the Namco System 256 arcade hardware using the “246+” mode. Only a handful of games have PlayStation controller/gamepad support. The Namco System 246/256 (all revisions) are based on the Sony PlayStation 2 hardware. Special thanks to the Arcade-Projects community for their extensive research and work, and especially the development of the Namco 2X6 USB multi-dongle. Without them and their work, this video would not have been possible!


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