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[Arcade PC] Batman Arcade Dump Is Not Working (Dongle Key)


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La suite du sujet ce trouve ICI:





Download: https://mega.nz/#!xi5lRLKT!avXnQ9z-WC81FjJwzUKCcrQWK3PnCre5R4_jHwr9M2w






Batman Arcade dump is not working (Dongle Key)



It must  one free HDD capacity of 20 gigabytes +


Program: Acronis True Image



Connect the HDD data recovery and disk using Acronis



Then plug the HDD as the Masters and the game starts


This game  to control the hardware key, and then reboot the system more ...



That was just the first time you start the game to stop the ctrl, alt, delete and stop control.


Does anyone know how to emulate Dongle Key ??



I found something about it but I do not know if it works well in games by Raw Thrills ??




-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------


If your old key, it's pretty trivial to new from what I've seen ... basically this is actually a flash drive (lolwtf)



1. Get a cheap ass USB flash drive from the Amazon.



2. Locate your flash utility flashboot.ru



3. Set the VID and PID 0B9A 0C10



4. Set the series to something like "27062101XXXX"



Unlike the real key, the game itself does nothing except call libusb ... literally everything he does.



-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------



This method works ??




crack HASP protection?



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Only Acronis True Image, landfill is created in this program.

After installing Acronis, data mount an image and creates a virtual disc in windows.


Kod landfills is 6 Stars (******)
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