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[Frontend] Nesica X Live (Interface Custom)


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il y a 39 minutes, Onkel a dit :

install correct fonts (included?)


I discovered the problem the same meiryo source installed error in windows 10 I had to edit the attrack.cfg and change the source worked perfectly

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6 minutes ago, Clayone01 said:

1st of all that wasnt done by atrfate thats a hack of the original work, and second of all it is NOT the newest version ,

iirc isn't this the new version? https://www.arcade-projects.com/forums/index.php?thread/1985-attractmode-front-end-pras-meets-nxl-last-update-12-14-2017/&pageNo=1&s=9403a7e8ab2992cf0e9e9fbf4a7e780eec77bf3c

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