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Distance - Arcade Racer Futuriste (Pc) (Ps4) (Wipeout-Like Tron)


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Distance - arcade racer futuriste (Beta)

Distance_arcade racer_pc.png


Un jeu de course futuriste (univers Tron-like) le véhicule peux planer, sauté, faire des rotations :very-good: une idée assez originale des game-designer. il a été inspiré du jeu indépendant : Nitronic Rush (jeu gratuit)


Distance : un jeu indépendant financé sur Kickstarter.


il sortira un jour ou l'autre sur : PC, WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX (Steam + DRM-free)

studio :Refract

Mode : Lan, Online, écran splitter (Split-Screen) (2 joueurs)

Music by: http://twitter.com/torcht

toujours en version beta (15 $) ou beta deluxe 25 $


site officiel + page steam greenlight





Distance Pre-Alpha (v.841) GDC Gameplay


il a été inspiré du jeu indépendant : Nitronic Rush (jeu gratuit)


dans le même genre de jeu futuriste tron-like,  vous avez TR-ZERO



plus dinfos

Distance is a Windows/Mac/Linux survival racing game from members of Team Nitronic that combines the intense action of arcade racing with the exploration of an atmospheric world. You control a unique car that allows you to boost, jump, rotate, and even fly through a chaotic and twisted city. The world has a mysterious history, and as you explore you'll be able to uncover pieces of its past. In short, it's Trials Evolution + Rush 2049 + Halo + Tron: Legacy.

The roads are treacherous and unpredictable with obstacles around every corner. Instead of doing laps on a loop, you'll be trying to survive to the end in the quickest time. Since your car has several abilities, it allows you to not only drive fast on the track but also upside down and on buildings and walls! You can also fly to discover new shortcuts and paths. You'll be able to take on the roads alone, or in multiplayer with your friends!

The game is a spiritual successor to the multi-award winning game Nitronic Rush, created by ourselves and 8 others while attending DigiPen Institute of Technology. It was widely praised for its innovative mechanics, visual style, audio design, and atmosphere.


Multiplayer: LAN, Online, and Split-Screen play in several modes, such as Classic Race mode as well as Tag, Capture The Flag, Stunt mode, and many others. We're targeting to support as many players as is fun for each game mode!

Level editor and modding tools: We're developing a powerful, user-friendly level editor where you can create levels from inside the game and share them with players around the world. We'll also be releasing other tools used to create content in the game in an effort to best support modders.

Exploration: Since the car can jump, rotate, and fly, you're able to explore the city to find hidden paths, as well as find secrets that reveal the city's past. Fans loved this aspect of Nitronic Rush and really want to develop a deeper city with a backstory of its own.

Visuals and Atmosphere: The game is being developed in Unity (as compared to creating Nitronic Rush entirely from scratch). This allows us to mature a lot of visual elements, and really go for a detailed look that supports the atmospheric world we’re building.

Dynamic soundtrack: Jordan (aka TORCHT) is composing a new electro/ambient dynamic soundtrack. Expanding upon his experience from composing the dynamic music for Nitronic Rush, he's really excited to create a sophisticated soundscape.

Controller support: Similar to Nitronic Rush we'll be supporting Xbox 360â„¢ controllers and the keyboard, but we'll also be doing our best to support as many controllers as possible, such as steering wheels and various gamepads, alongside re-mappable key configurations.

Windows/Mac/Linux: Distance will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux.






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En effet pas mal mieux que tr-zero je trouve mais bon rien pour tester a se mettre sous la main meme pas une petite démo :(

Mais en tout cas j'ai remarqué que l'on ne trouve plus des routes hyper larges comme il y avait dans fzero c'est dommage j'adorais avoir de l'espace dans ce genre de jeux c'est a cause de Psygnosis tous ca !


Edit: fruit du hasard les dev de quantum rush un autre racer futuriste m'ont contacté pour m'inviter à la beta fermé pour tester leur jeux mais comme j'ais pas trop de temps je suis ok pour ceder ma clée  beta à quelqu'un qui connait bien le genre (fzero.wipeout like et qui maitrise un peux l'anglais pour les feedbacks aux devs sur le server)

si intéréssé envoyer moi un mp.

En attendant le site


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le jeu sera dispo sur PC: windows, mac, linux et console ultra next gen PS4

un éditeur de map est deja dispo


voila du gameplay


et 2eme gameplay 2h

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