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Samurai Shodown - NESiCAxLive [400202] updated guide for iDmacX-Jconfig


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I recently was trying to get Samurai Spirit Sen working on my PC with Jconfig and was having issues so i took me some time to figure it out. here is an up to date guide on how to get it working with a video.


1 - Required files are Obviously Samurai Spirit Sen - 402202 or similar?


2 - Jconfig - iDmacXv2.0_2023_01_16 - https://www.emuline.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=23561&key=204169e4a52ef27ba4c31736c8e01a84


3 - Samurai Spirits Sen HD Mode Fix + Blood On + English http://www.mediafire.com/file/su9bl49q3jgndwt/3_-_Samurai_Spirits_Sen_HD_Mode_Fix_%2B_Blood_On_%2B_English.rar





for those who like to read the process is pretty simple.


Grab the dump, extract it to a folder.

Grab iDmacXv2.0 and extract  Jconfig.exe, jvs_loader.exe and JVSemu.dll into the root where you have the game.exe

Grab the 3- Samurai Spirit Sen HD Mode Fix + Blood On + English and extract the sv Folder to the root of the drive and the game file either overriding your original game.exe or renaming it to game.exe.original.bak or w/e

follow the pictures posted above for the settings, and boom you're in!

Make sure you change to DInput&XInput, save and re open then finish the rest of the settings.










Once setup you can use dgvoodoo to actually upscale to 1080 or your desired resolution...





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