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Synchronica 'omnimix'


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I know that a 'official' omnimix and even a (local) server solution seems to exist, but people are just 'sitting' on their data/solution.

I also know that the latest offline version is missing songs.


So I tried at least to find out how to 'restore' some songs in Synchronica.

I found out (by just a blind compare) that between version 6609 and 6708 (this one is the offline version patched one) 41 songs where just not made available.

The songs are still there however the artwork is stubbed to a generic one.

By copying back the artwork and editing the missing songs back in a file these songs are now also available in the offline version.


There is one disadvantage: you have to build up your version of synchronica from scratch in order to have all necessary data (https://archive.org/details/Synchronica) which takes a while


The result of my botched up work is found here



Off course I would like to get my hands on an 'official' omnimix and even better: a way to store my progress in this game. But Synchronica being a not so popular game I will not hold my breath.




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