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Setting up Groove Coaster 4Max Diamond Galaxy 4.74


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Big disclaimer: I am not the creator of the original guide nor did I upload the game and all the necessary add-ons/assets.

The user Maji on Discord ‘/1CC/ - Arcade and Doujin part 2’ provided me with this setup guide and even then I do not know if this user is the original creator.

I asked for permission to publish on Emuline but did not get an answer.

If the owner of the original guide has any issues that his/her name is not being mentioned please let me know.

If the uploaders of the game and add-ons have any issues that his/her name is not being mentioned also let me know.

Credit should be given where credit is due!

I did not succeed in playing the 4max arcade version of Groove Coaster up until this guide was handed to me and I am very pleased that I am now able to do, so again thanks to anyone involved in creating the original guide, uploaders and more.


Base Game




left booster up


left booster left


right booster up


right booster left


left booster down


left booster right


right booster down


right booster right


left booster button


right booster button


  • Also set the resolution to 720x1280
  • Finally, open settings, check 'load regedit', and create the registry values if they are missing. You can change the drive path.
  • Download TypeXZEROTemp.dat from https://mega.nz/file/Gw8DEJIZ#1dfxBuwUfQ4UPZ5IRmcooqtgNvlKq7IbHtAbXMxQdBg and put it into root of C drive
  • Open data/system.cfg, replace the following section with the values below:

WindowMode      =          1         

WindowSize        =          (720, 1280)       

//WindowSize       =          (540, 960)

WindowResize     =          1         

MouseCorsorDisp =          0         

CheckDeviceLost =          0         

IntervalMode       =          1         

MultiSampleType =          0         

DebugMode        =          0         

ShowVersion       =          0         


JudgTimeOffset   =          0

GameTimeOffset =          -24

GreatMinTime      =          32

SkipMargin          =          48

SkipMarginDebug =          48

  • Disable redundant network adapters (including VPN, Bluetooth) leaving your pimary ethernet connection as the only available connection.
  • If you have refresh rate >60Hz, use driver(e.g. Nvidia Control Panel) to restrict the game to run at 60Hz.
  • Open game471.exe the game should now be able to boot.


(Optional) Setup omnimix and local server    

          Put it in data/boot folder and replace old one.

          And replace the original in the game folder. Notice that the patched exe is only for use on the same computer(localhost)

  • In JConfig settings, uncheck Nesys Emulation and RFiD emulation.
  • Download openparrot from  https://mega.nz/file/X1sXTIwB#uLupuG3-0JX6NT5Lr_eqa6RsOPXpFkvcADhekW_agOU extract to a separate folder, don't directly extract to game folder
  • Set OpenParrotLoader.exe to be run as administrator
  • Write a powershell script or bat file to load the game (and run that script as administrator)

           something like 
                  .\OpenParrotLoader.exe OpenParrot path\to\game471.exe

  • In game, use F4 to read the card.


(Optional) Use locale emulator to load the game    
Since the game by default expects Japanese locales, some weird issues might happen if you are not using Japanese locale. To solve this, one option is to change the system locale to Japanese. However, if you don't want to change the global locale, you can use locale emulator to do this.

         something like 
        cd path\to\Locale.Emulator.
         .\LEProc.exe path\to\OpenParrotLoader.exe OpenParrot path\to\game471.exe


Notice that the game path should not contain spaces


Setup the event files    
If you want to setup the event files,


Other setup 

  • If you want to play in full screen, in system.cfg , change Windowmode to 0. Then in jconfig, disable d3d9wrapper. Finally set screen to portrait mode and boot the game.
  • If the judgement does not feel right, change JudgeTimeOffset and GameTimeoffset in system.cfg
  • if you want the bios language in english rather then Japanese

          go to folder \data\TestModeLaungage and rename the Laungage_jpn_sjis.csv to something like Laungage_jpn_sjis .bck(for backup purposes)

          Now make a copy of Laungage_eng_sjis.csv and rename that one to Laungage_jpn_sjis.csv

          (if someone knows how to make use of all the eng(lish) assets which are lingering around in all the subfolders with a simple setting and make a Rhythm Vaders out of this game: let me know)



Common Issues    

  • If the game stuck at Starting Nesys, make sure that you have completed the main steps in the base game setup.
  • If the game stuck at Starting Nesys, when running local server do not forget to allow local network access from your firewall when prompted.
  • If the game shows error about RFID READ WRITE MODULE , make sure iDmacDrv32.dll is from jconfig not from openparrot/original. You can check this by file size, original is 76kb, jconfig one is 96kb, openparrot one is >100kb.
  • If the game throws an assertion error, make sure the resolution setting in JConfig is correct (720x1280, not 1280x720) and you have changed system.cfg.
  • If the game does not output any sound, in jconfig->settings, set analog1 and analog2 to max.
  • If the game freezes, make sure you have disabled other network adapters.
  • If the game cannot connect to the local server, make sure port 80 and 443 are not occupied by other program, and you have disabled other network adapters (and that includes VPN, Bluetooth network adapters and so on)
  • When Jconfig.exe gets deleted by your viruscanner then exclude the folder and/or binary and/or restore.
  • When jconfig.exe thows an error in the 'load regedit' step of the base game (even as an administrator) delete in the registry the entry and try again (older version messed things up)




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