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Chunithm series


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1. Get your hands on a clean dump of the game.

2. Get SegaTools (v5 from this site).


3. Install SegaTools next to the game .exe, and configure segatools.ini properly, you are on your own here !

Set, amfs, option and appdata folder locations accordingly.

Set your PC IP address to static, and figure out what your IPv4 address is (ipconfig /all) and use that in segatools.ini.

4. Patch the game .exe as needed.

When the patcher gives errors, (do not force it) you probably got a encrypted chusanApp.exe 

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5. Run the start.bat,( as admin the first time) and wait, patience !

It should ask for network access through the firewall, if not then probably the second time you run it as admin.

After that you can run it normal.


If it says bad here, probably badly configured segatools.ini, or no AIME server.


If so, you can only play as guest, no saving.

Do NOT ask me for a server.

Try Aqua, also on this site.


Should the game hang here.


Get into the test / service menu (1, 2, D, F, L keys)


                                                              D                                F                                                                                                          L






Should it not work for you, you made a mistake, probably in segatools.ini.



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NO !!



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