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Arcade games on Steamdeck (SteamOS)


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Starting a thread about getting arcade dumps working on SteamOS on Steamdeck. Please note, this is not about installing Windows, only running games through Wine/Lutris etc.


So far I've had minimal success, first I used Lutris to install Teknoparrot using this script 




Once installed, I tested with Star Wars Battle Pod. Game works fine. Super happy!


That's where It ends! Tested Afterburner, Machstorm and Chase HQ, they all fail at some point.


Has anyone had success with other games? How about using Ganeloader or Jconfig?


Please post results in here.

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Only had luck running WMMT6 so far, Storm Racer G crashes during race start, Dirty Drivin controls seems not responding


The following doesn't boot at all for me:

Battle Gear 4 Tuned, Fast and Furious Supercars


update: Sega Race TV and Gigawing Generations doesn't boot at all with teknoparrot

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