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Has anyone used the IOS IPA "Real-Card" with spicetools and got it to work?


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When doing research for card readers for spice tools, I came across a GitHub of someone's IOS app that lets an iPhone be used as a card reader for spicetools (Helloyunho/real-card: Use your iPhone as an Amusement IC (or e-amusement card) reader in Spicetools. (github.com))

It requires a connection to some server to work, as it asks for an IP/domain name, port, and an optional password. I have been trying all day to figure out what to do here and if anyone has gotten it to work, id much appreciate some help. 

PNG image.png

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10 hours ago, halfdeadd said:

This is the setting you're looking for. The IP would be the IP of your PC running SpiceTools.



Thanks! the terminal view of all the things happening in spice tools says a client connected and the app doesn't give me the error! I was already told that the iphone SE first gen I have will not work with it but at least i know what to do now. 

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