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Cannonball Outrun - Ready 2 Play


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1 hour ago, eljose said:

excuse me 😄 could you put which controls (keyboard) has this game ? i can not move the car

Digital Controls

The default keys are as follows. You can redefine the keys in the menu.

  • Cursors: Steering
  • Z: Accelerate
  • X: Brake
  • Space: Gear Change (when Gears are set to manual)
  • 5: Insert Coin (when Freeplay is disabled)
  • 1: Start
  • Shift: Change Camera View
  • F1: Pause
  • F2: Advance a frame when paused (useful for observing visual problems)
  • F3: Toggle/Freeze timers. (i.e. infinite time)
  • F5: Menu
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