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Questions about ongeki red +


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I downloaded the Ongeki red + game file from this page http://teknoparrot.link.free.fr/multi/ONGEKI Plus.html

It was split into two volumes of compressed files, but I had a problem unzipping it.

Some files could not be decompressed. In the "Winrar" software, it prompted me that the file data was corrupted, but I could not find the cause of the corruption.I even switched to a few different software to try. compression software, but none of them did.

I tried to go to Google to search for the reason, and the answer told me that there might be something wrong with the download, so I downloaded it again, and I even stared at it while playing the game, but there was still a problem after downloading.

Is there anyone in the same situation as me? Or does anyone know the reason and can help me answer it?

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Le 07/08/2023 à 23:33, TheKitBoi a dit :

you might have to use File Joiner to get it unpacked as intended


Forgive me Is possible to have a Bat file for run this game and its  simple version Ongeki Red please? Into its folder there Is not start bat file and the game does not work..Tia

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