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Mushiking Battle Gacchu Guts


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Hello! I've managed to dump this Sega RingWide card game called Mushiking Battle Gacchu Guts!



The game is the English translated version from its Japanese counterpart, and is believed to have been released in Asian countries.

The game can be run on hardware considering you install the firmware from the discs, however, the I/O will need to be cracked, especially the management card procedure.

There is no longer access to the machine the software was dumped from unfortunately..


I believe the manuals would give a very big insight to how the game works.


Looking forward to its emulation!


ImgBurn Disc Dumps:

Disc 0047



Disc 0047-A



PixelDrain Data Collective:

Mushiking Battle Goumushi Guts!! (SBWU 1.00.00) https://pixeldrain.com/u/azWtXVKQ

Mushiking Battle Goumushi Guts!! (SBWU 1.01.00) added https://pixeldrain.com/u/DwWg4X5p


SSD clone:



Supporting Manuals: 




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