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Sinden Light Gun. New Solution! And easy configuration


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Good afternoon people!. I have several news for you. 3 days ago my two Sinden version recoil arrived. And after fighting with the issue of the bordes and configuration during those 3 days, I decided to buy a cable channel and add a 5v USB led strip inside the led strip. And the result is spectacular!!!. Never again the fight with the borders. With the Aspect ratio issue I have no problem because I play all the games in 16x9 streched. I don't like to play in 4x3, I prefer to use the full size of the image. I also don't mind stretching the image a bit in games.

The other news that I wanted to share with you is that the new V2.0 beta version of the Sinden software that is available on the official website has 2 very important improvements. The first is that the two guns can be configured from a single software. There is no longer a need for open software for each one.

And the last news and for me the most important is that now directly from the Sinden software you can configure the guns as Joysticks. So configuring them in many emulators and games is much easier. Just like it was with Wiimotes. You can put the two pistols as axis movements of the joystick or you can also put one as a mouse and the other as a joystick. This makes it really easy to configure the two guns in the emulators. The software, even though it is beta, works perfectly and I did not find any problems. In fact it works much better for me than the previous stable version.

Well this was all and I hope my experience serves you. I apologize for the bad English. I am using the Google translator, and my language is Spanish :).

Here is a little video I made with my son playing Rambo arcade in Teknoparrot.



Download link for the new version of the software:

Windows Beta 2.05 9th May 2023


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