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How do I add games to Teknoparrot? (¿Cómo agregar juegos a Teknoparrot?)


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Hello community, receive my greetings from Mexico. I have a problem, I have SNK Heroines by TaitoX and Skullgirls 2nd Encore by NesicaxLive and I want to add them to the Teknoparrot menu since they are not included. Can someone advise me? Thank you so much.


Hola comunidad reciban mis saludos desde México. Tengo un problema, tengo el SNK Heroines de TaitoX y el Skullgirls 2nd Encore de NesicaxLive y quiero agregarlos al menú de Teknoparrot ya que no vienen. ¿Alguien me puede asesorar? Muchas Gracias




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I know, old topic, and it goes without saying but: You can't just add games to the UI. There needs to be proper code for the games inside either TeknoParrot or OpenParrot (open source, on github, if you have coding skills) for them to run and do something. TPUI itself only handles controls, and by that I mean it sends the controls to TP which then translates it into whatever format the game needs.

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16 hours ago, KNIGHTMARE077 said:

VirusMan .7z archives for SNK Heroines AC seem to be corrupted.  I cant get them to extract at all.


13 hours ago, TheKitBoi said:

you have to use https://www.igorware.com/file-joiner or this type of software with a different name to extract it properly


12 hours ago, KNIGHTMARE077 said:


I'll give that a shot . Thanks! 

Has no use, damaged, incomplete.

Archive has it.

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