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I want to modify beatmania IIDX INFINITAS (Add IIDX custom songs, IIDX custom skin, custom LEGGENDARIA Charts, etc.) with some MODs too


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This might sound as a delicate topic with pros and cons, but what I want to do is add mods on KONAMI's beatmania IIDX INFINITAS, such as adding customized songs, unlocking all of the current songs, add customized LEGGENDARIA charts, and even add some original MODs to be able to customize IIDX INFINITAS.

The reason that I want to open this topic, is because there are couple of music games that allow modification like custom songs and custom charts, such as Trombone Champ and Osu, plus there are a lot of AC game files to run into a PC emulator, which includes AC IIDX RESIDENT (works with SpiceTools) too.

So if modifying for AC IIDX on the PC is possible, what's wrong for modifying IIDX INFINITAS?

So that's why I'm extremely curious and interesting on modifying IIDX INFINITAS, which I subscribed to this PC game for 7 years.

And by the way, I thought that it's on-topic because I added this PC game related topic on "BEST PC GAMES".

But if there's something wrong, then I'm sorry for that.

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