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Request Otomedius Gorgeous! Title Update #1 and the Catalog Extra Characters dlc file


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Hi guys I need help I already sold both my xbox 360 console & the game I didn't copy the files that I need so could someone upload the title update #1 and catalog extra characters (8C0B7FFCFD1033B9CC492EDF8C386C5B691948574B) I want to play the game with DLC via emulator.

thanks and have a great day.

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19 hours ago, WildWolf said:

try this one :


Title update (Japan) : https://www.gamestone.co.uk/gradiushomeworld/download.php?file=xb360_otomedius_g_(gorgeous!)_(japan).rar

from : https://www.gamestone.co.uk/gradiushomeworld/downloads_gamestones_otomedius_g_xbox_360_english_translation.php


look in the video if you have all you want :

Thank you I already check those links you provide but there is no 8C0B7FFCFD1033B9CC492EDF8C386C5B691948574B - Catalog Extra Characters the dlc is not gonna work without this

8C0B7FFCFD1033B9CC492EDF8C386C5B691948574B - Catalog Extra Characters


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On 8/4/2023 at 7:42 PM, kyo3000 said:

If you want it for Xenia-Canary here's all you need


Update and DLC folders go into emu content folder, you know the drill.


Thanks for the link I really appreciate but unfortunately the dlc folder even I put it to content folder it's not working but if you have the  Catalog Extra Characters/8C0B7FFCFD1033B9CC492EDF8C386C5B691948574B not the folder ones the dlc file itself I read it on gamestone how to patch using velocity to make all dlc works.

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