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Console Unleashed

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//////////Console Unleashed AiO//////////

This AiO Includes:

*Intro Video

*Settings Menu
Enable Intro
Disable Intro
Enable Rocketlauncer
Disable Rocketlauncher

*New Layout Design in 4K By: AlaxDC22
*6 Backgrounds Colors For Each Theme
Round, Round With Pointers
Vertical, Vertical With Pointers

Attract Mode Plus v.3.0.1
Uses Retroarch v. 1.15.0
*PC Only* (Windows 10/11) 64bit

Over 4,100 Console Games To Choose
*Atari 2600 (454 Games)
*Atari 5200 (70 Games)
*Atari 7800 (58 Games)
*Atari Jaguar (50 Games)
*ColecoVision (138 Games)
*Fairchild Channel F (28 Gaimes)
*GCE Vectrex (30 Games)
*Mattel Intellivision (136 Games)
*NEC TurboGrafx-16 (94 Games)
*Nintendo 64 (305 Games)
*Nintendo Entertainment System (721 Games)
*Sega 32X (33 Games)
*Sega Genesis (760 Games)
*Sega Master System (292 Games)
*Sega SG-1000 (76 Games)
*SNK Neo Geo AES (141 Games)
*Super Nintendo Entertainment System (790 Games)

Used From CORE 1G1R
Also Dark Noir (Pi Assets)
For The Main Menu
(Thanks Guys For Your Hard Work)

(360 Controller)
Left/Right: Selects Systems (Main Menu)
Up/Down: Moves Wheel To Select Games
A: To Pick A System/Game
B: To Back Out To Main Menu/And Exit
LB: To Show Boxart For Games
RB: To Show Stories For Games
Y: To Change The Layout Backgrounds
Start+Select: To Exit While in Game And Go Back To Menu

Hope You Enjoy


Base Build (33.8gb) --> Download --> https://1fichier.com/?q1cku4gcix4v0abs87k2





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