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FAST BEAT LOOP RACER GT \ audio issues


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Found a awesome arcade racer similar to wmmt6, but i get no audio, if anyone knows a fix let me know. Thanks


If you wanna try it out, go to archive.org and search for 'fast.-beat.-loop.-racer.-gt' without quotations


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6 hours ago, Sumomokeitaro said:

This game is out for PC on Steam and cheap too (under 10 bucks I think), there's an online battle option where you can race other players over the internet.




The version on Archive is the steam version. Game works with sound. I am on Windows 10 20H2. A Wangan clone.. Plays quite well I must say.. Would love an arcade version if one exists. 



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To solve the audio issues makes sure you have 'directx_Jun2010_redist' installed, it wil also help with older games.

If anyone knows how to go fullscreen instead of borderless let me know. tnx


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