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GTI Club 3 / Teknoparrot - No Sound/BGM in Attract Mode


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Hi, I'm getting into using Teknoparrot as a newbie and ran into a problem running GTA Club 3. The game remains silent in attract mode, neither bgm, voice over nor the sound of Konami logo get displayed. The only demo video that has sounds within attract mode is the demo for the football minigame. Weird, because every video of that game running via TP on youtube has all these sounds and I found no complaints by other people about having this exact problem with TP. It changes as soon I start a game, though. But I think there is still less bgm to hear within the game, it only plays some tracks quite rarely within a course. Otherwise the game seems to run fine.


I have no other problems of that sort with other games on TP, I checked the Test menu but there was no option for turning on attract mode sounds (it had attract sound at 100% by default). I'm using the updated new version of TP, but get the same results with a non-updated version of TP, too.


Does anyone have an idea how to solve this or a hint what could be the root of this?

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I experimented a bit with this problem on my own and found that the attract mode is also bugged in another way. 


I installed TP + GTA Club 3 anew on another Windows 10 system, with the same TP settings and files, on a laptop with lower specifications. Indeed, the sound was working in attract mode out of the box there, with the very same setup.

So it must be related to sound settings, background programs running or drivers or something about the framerate? Odd, because I have no other problems with any other programs or games running on my main system.


But also on that new system I noticed the attract mode and the demo videos get played with sound, but only once (in rare cases it manages to play two in a row). When GTA Club loads up the next demo video, only a black screen gets shown (with music still playing in the background). There is a Windows system sound to be heard and the mouse pointer gets shown in the center of the back screen as Win10 blue circle.


I checked again and noticed this also happens on the "silent" system. But I don't know if these are both symptoms of the same problem, or two different problems altogether.


Also, in all available versions of the GTI Club 3 I know of one of the videos is slightly corrupted (I can see that in a standalone player without loading up the game). It's one of the minigame demos (demo-v000.wmv) that has a small error in second 20. When that demo video gets shown within the game running, it freezes in that moment and doesn't get displayed fully.

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Posted (edited)

Setting "Synchonized Demonstration" to off in Test Menu and checking all Firewall Exception Rules are set correctly seems to partially get rid of the demo videos showing black screen. maybe. It still occurs, though, but I think less frequently.


The Attract Mode Silence on my main system is still puzzling, though. I noticed on the "silent" system even in test menu I get no test sound when choosing points "Sound Volume" and "Sound Volume in Attract mode", while test sounds get displayed for woofer and Scale/Phase checks. On the other system able to display demo sounds, it plays BGM music when these points are highlighted.


It could be some audio codec problem. Because one demo scene music gets played all the time, while all others always stay silent. If I could find out whether that track has another codec than the others, it would probably be the answer to this. Unfortunately, the tracks seem all buried in big compiled data files...


Well, I'll try and install some codec packs and see what happens.



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Whoa, real strange but simple solution for this problem. (But I still don't know WHY the game behaves like that! But that doesn't matter much)


The game is just strangely sensitive to its location on the harddrive and path.


Just by messing around with it a bit, I renamed my "GTI CLUB Supermini Festa!" folder to a one word name GTICLUB and put it into the root of a harddrive with a lower letter in the alphabet.


Before It was as "GTI Club Supermini Festa" folder in a TEKNOPARROT folder on harddrive K (so one folder level above root). 


Then I copied it to the root of a harddrive G and renamed it to merely GTICLUB.


Then suddenly Teknoparrot launches the music in attract mode. Must be some weird way of the program looking for paths to convey its music and sound routines.


But the real culprit must be the letter or the harddrive. Because on my other system sound was there right from the start and it was one folder above root, too and had the same longer title.


So if anyone out there has similar problems like me with this, I suggest just changing paths and names of the game folder a bit, trying out alternatives of location and title.




Weird. but this is how my problem was solved in the end.

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