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Need help with emulating Hero of Robots Compact Flash Dump!


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Hello everyone, I've managed to dump a IGS Hero of Robots Compact Flash! 

I would like this game to be emulated!


UPDATE 22/4/23

Files seem to be accessible via a Linux distribution. You can dig into the contents and see what is salvageable! 


Link to the Disc Image (IMG) [UPDATED!]



1. Link to a video showing the dump working on a machine. An external source tested the dump on their machine and it worked.


2. Link to a video showing the game booting from BIOS successfully. Also by the same external source.



BIOS Information: 

Phoenix BIOS v6.00PG



Main Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) 1.60Ghz(133x12)

Memory Testing: 1047488K OK

CPU Brand Name: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU M270 @ 1.60Ghz 

C1E BIOS Supported


Uses DDR2


From prior inspection, it seems that the files in two partitions cannot be read, while the other two can be read.

The two partitions that can be read consist of the boot files, as well as resource files respectively.


Would like to hear out on some tips or progress regarding the emulation of this game!


img (1).jpeg


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I just got a word from someone regarding your Hero of Robots dump. Yes, it's possible to decrypt it although you'll need the real PCB (which is the IGS E2100 PCB with the Atom processor thingy) to decrypt the game executable, else you'll only get decrypted game files without the game executable at best.


Some partitions are encrypted with a custom file system made by IGS themselves so you can't read them on normal apps; there is a way to decrypt them by modifying the Linux kernel and then extracting the game files that way.


I know someone who can help to decrypt the game executable (and possibly emulate it since he successfully emulated Percussion Master, another PC-based IGS title).


Do you have a Discord? Since I'm rarely on Emuline you can contact me on Discord at NovaCosmic00#1952 and we can talk more about this.

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