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Sega Rally 3 LAN - Title scroll issue


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Hi all,


I have Teknoparrot running Sega Rally 3 in 2 player LAN. 


Watching the demo screen, the "sega rally 3" title logo does not flow through each screen as i would expect it to.


Has anyone else noticed this or is yours working ok?


please watch this video.as an example:





Both pcs are running 720p @ 60hz

same version of Teknoparrot.


left screen   cab ID = 1

right screen cab ID = 2





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Looks like they do not see each other on the network.

Firewall allows ?

Disable temporary and test if both cabs / pc's see each other, configure firewall accordingly.

Did you try to ping both machines ?


Did you set your LAN to use static IP addresses on both PC's ?


Try to set it from Control Panel.

Use in your LAN 192.168.x.x range, example on the router, on PC1 and on PC2

Should work fine, works for me.

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Yes my pc's can ping each other, i turned off firewall on both, and used static ip's but still no change.


my 2 player games works perfectly but i am a bit OCD about the title screen text!


Anyway.... i think i fixed it by editing the [Graphics] entries on the 2nd player PC config.txt file 


Here is the end result. Much better.....





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