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(Crisis Zone) Super System 23 Evolution 2 EMU

Mr. Tapz

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Good day, 

when i was a kid i always admired Time Crisis Series arcade shooter, but my number 1 favorite is Crisis Zone. I have a question,

can someone know how to emulate the Crisis Zone from Super System 23 Evolution 2?

I know that they have the ps2 version already but the arcade version from 1999 is so great for me. 
im trying and searching for emulators that can emulate the game but i fail.

i saw people trying to emulate using Mame but having an error.


I love the old sounds and the destructing environment from the game.



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same would love the real arcade version to be fully playable.

MAME should be near to getting that to a playable state but has been like this for inf. 

system 23 rom chips  are all red so won't boot .

screenshots checksum all levels and ram rom reads are ng red. 😕 

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Super system23 is something we have to wait unfortunately, there are good games and MAME is still around 40/45% of emulation state,

some game boot "but run bad" some not boot at all, cause protections,custom chips etc etc.. let's hope in a near future.

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