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Tutorial: How to add Sega Rally Revo tracks to Arcade Sega Rally 3 in Teknoparrot


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Old, partial hack .....

Useless as it is, time and stage timing gates do not match so ....

No idea how to extract the .sbf files to edit the game contents itself.

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Wow, Jesus dude what's with the negativity? The issue with the stage and timing gates mismatching is only an issue on a few levels, most can be completed normally. You can see me finishing the Expert Lakeside track here with no issues. Plus, this lets you add in completely different stage environments that you don't encounter at all in SR3 normally, like the Arctic levels, as well as being able to play the Classic Celica and Delta on stages you can't normal (or vice versa, you can play the modern cars on the Desert 95 track), so it's not exactly 'useless' is it?

And as for it being old... No one else had posted a tutorial on how to do it here. 


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46 minutes ago, MrThunderwing said:

Wow, Jesus dude what's with the negativity? 

No my name is not Jesus, no negativity, just stating a fact.


Hopefully somebody who see your thread will try to merge these two games together so that it works properly.

The nicest thing would be that the "expansion pack" is installable on a genuine SR3 cabinet.

That would be a nice surprise for SR3 cabinet owners.



Neither plugin works for me, sega_rally_2_bzr.bms nor sega_rally_2007.bms

One "extracts" to a bigger file but still the same extension.

So as long as we can not extract, modify and repack these files, I would rather keep both games in their original state.

But we will see what time will bring.


Keep up the good work, happy new year !!



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