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[ROM] Solar Spin Arcade Game - by Lazer-Tron


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I've got a rip of the game restore disc for Solar Spin, by Lazer-Tron, and have uploaded it in ZIP format here. I've already made the required modifications to the file system structure to get it to boot properly.


Solar Spin's hardware ran on MS-DOS, so the program included can only be run under modern hardware using DOSBox, or more than likely any Windows operating system old enough to be backwards compatible with DOS programs.


I've gotten the program to run on DOSBox, but have no way of controlling the game.

It also unfortunately has no sound, and I'm not entirely sure why.


If anyone can get this to be controllable with a keyboard, I'd be more than grateful, but until then, the program is provided as is.


The game files are located in the fireball folder of the ZIP file. Enjoy!

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