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Let's Go jungle resolution hexedit


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A. The first offset 862F0 (rend.png) is the rendering resolution

B. The second offset (window.png) is the display area size

In fullscreen the display res (not the rendering res) is always 1360x768(couldn't manage to chage it) but you can still use the rendering hexedit because the game will render at the hexedited res and you will get much cleaner graphics(essentially it's downsampling from whatever res you hexedit down to 1360x768)

In window mode you can make all two changes, but you have to maximize the window because it will start  in a 1360x768 window





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pacman88 is right.  File is lgifinal or lgi1920.  Also the files to change to any resolution were already provided by Game Loader All RH in that thread.  However when maximizing window, I lose hud.  Also, I can only maximize window with Borderless Gaming or Game Loader All RH.   Any fix to keep hud in HD?



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