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Logitech G923 wheel not working with FFB Arcade Plugin


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I'm attempting to set up Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (110 w/ English patch) with a logitech g923 wheel, I have it set up with G Hub and it works properly in other games (Beam NG, not tested with any arcade titles). I'm using teknoParrot to run the game and it works fine, but there is no force feedback at all. I installed the FFB Arcade Plugin and moved the corresponding files into the right folder, but still nothing happens. When I open the config window for the plugin it recognizes my wheel, but if I press the buttons to test it nothing happens (aside from saying the rumble feature doesn't exist for those buttons, but that's expected). I tried uninstalling G Hub and using Logitech Gaming Software, but it didn't recognize the wheel and when trying to set up the plugin the wheel existed but it said haptics were not available for this wheel, and I inevitably went back to G Hub (Logitech Gaming Software DID recognize my mouse, so I'm assuming the wheel just was not supported for that program). Does anyone have any ideas of how I can fix this? Most places online with similar issues said to go back to the Logitech Gaming Software, but those were for g29 and g920 wheels, and I don't believe that is an option for me.

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ask to Boomslangnz, that's him who created FFB Arcade Plugin, go to Teknoparrot discord

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