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[Emu] Xenia / Canary - Emulateur Xbox 360 pour PC


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Le 17/04/2023 à 21:43, Faizul67 a dit :


  I have tested Enslaved Odyssey to the West and it performs quite well. I only have a problem with some glitches that I show in the attached image. Can you please help me and tell me which parameter should I change in the config file in order to solve it? I am sure it can be solved because there are some youtube videos showing the game running perfectly.


Thank you very much for your help!


Fot that issue use:

d3d12_clear_memory_page_state = true

in the     xenia-canary.config.toml


New build of Xenia Canary Custom.

Nouvelle version de Xenia Canary Custom



Pour les derniers changements/For the last changes:


Support for multiple user profiles


[XAM] Plugins Functions



Ce sont des ajouts WIP/This a WIP added.


Il est maintenant possible de choisir son nom de profile/It's now posssible to choose youre profile name.

-> Dans/In xenia-canary.config.toml

user_profile = "User"


Cette version change complement le systeme de sauvegarde, elle ne sont pas perdue, ils faut juste les deplacés ->     de Xenia/content   vers     Xenia/content/User

That build change the save system, there are not lost, u need just to move it -> From Xenia/content  into   Xenia/content/User


Concernant les fonctions plugins, il semble que ce soit les succès...ils s'affichent maintenant en jeu.

About the plugins fonctions, it seem to be the success...now it show in games.


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