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[Indie] Nexus : One Core Sur Steam Greenlight


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C'est un jeu d'arcade (vaisseau) indépendant a scrolling vertical jouable en solo ou en coop à 2 assez orignal.


Nexus : One core a été crée par 3 étudiants français avec le moteur Unity.

il est toujours en developpement et sortira au printemps 2014 sur PC, MAC et LINUX


plus d'infos

Date de sortie : Spring 2014
Hyde Games, composed of 3 french students, presents you NeXus: One Core.

NeXus: One Core is an arcade game for one or two players on PC in which each player controls a spaceship.
They will enter in a survival run paced by an immersive DnB Music.

Our goal with NeXus: One Core is to bring fun to the player at the moment he enters the game. The whole game is built with this philosophy. It will offer challenges demanding reflexes and sense of anticipation. Each game he will play will be different with the random level building system.

We also want to offer to players an innovative and immersive multiplayer experience. For example, the co-op mode which will launch two players in a survival run. With its fusion system, players share the control of a ship and must think together to avoid obstacles and survive.

For now, NeXus: One Core contains the following modes:

CO - OP : Fusion / unfusion between the two players to overcome the obstacles.
SOLO : Switch between 3 different colors to avoid obstacles.

The game is still in development, so there will be more game modes to come!

Players can choose between several difficulty levels but for novices, each mode is accompanied by a little tutorial to understand the principle of NeXus.

In short, whether you are solo or with friends, skilled or not so good, surpass yourself to enter in the Top 10 and have great experience games with NeXus!

We hope you will enjoy our game. Don’t hesitate to give us your opinion by sending us an email (hydegames@live.fr).


video gameplay trailer et coop multijoueur



coop multi





Télécharger la démo (béta)du jeu  / DDL / download : http://www.indiedb.com/games/nexus-one-core/downloads/nexus-one-core-beta-301 (147 mo)


voter sur steam greenlight : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179926499


le facebook du jeu : https://www.facebook.com/NexusOC


email : hydegames@live.fr

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