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有翼のフロイライン Wing of Darkness Ver.C94 [PC Doujin]


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有翼のフロイライン Wing of Darkness Ver.C94 (Ver.0.452 "Vier")




This is version that was released at Comiket 94, near end of 2018. It contains 3 missions and approx. 50% of final game's content, but has major differences from the final build

It was few years ago so I might be misremembering but I think they gave you download card with a URL and password on it. They had one of these red/black MSI gaming laptops running it at the event, at 1080p with solid framerate

WARNING: This build and final build (i.e. Steam version) will overwrite each other's saves. So if you play this version, it will overwrite the final version's save files, and vice versa. BACK UP your final build saves if you have any

【Differences from Final】

  • This version is less optimized than the final build so it needs very strong GPU to run well, especially at higher resolutions
  • Some visual effects, and especially anything to do with trueSKY plugin, are much better than in the final build. At C94 they had no publisher yet so likely did not plan to have any console release. In other words they did not need to make any changes to accommodate PS4/Switch
  • Mission briefings are actually better than in the final build, showing much more info, and a full map of the mission area
  • Weapon balancing is surprisingly much better than in the final build. Of course this is bit subjective, also you can't customize loadout in this version
  • There are no cutscenes whatsoever (though there is ingame dialogue), and also no prologue mission. And you can play any of the 3 missions in whichever order you want


【Known Bugs in this Version】

  • Music does not loop after playing once (fades out and completely stops). Happens most prominently on Mission 3 Stage 2
  • Occasional visual glitches on far-away objects
  • You can get stuck under the terrain in the canyon infiltration mission
  • Enemies can occasionally go underground in all missions


You can still buy the C94 soundtrack on the developer's Gumroad, however this version of game itself is no longer officially available.
They also had serial novel named "Wing of Dusk" released in parts via e-mail newsletters, but I think they plan on turning that into full book in the future


If you are looking for any recent (after ~C87) game's Comiket prototype/beta/demo version AND you cannot find it online, pls message me and I will check if I have it, no guarantee though

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