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A fully fleshed-out CoinOps2 Ringedge addon...Has anyone seen it?


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This is my first post here. It's not that i'm new, i'm just new to here and i don't know 100% of the protocols so go kinda easy on me for being direct and asking this way.


I was looking to locate a CoinOps2 RingEdge/Teknoparrot....theme? I know there are links everywhere but i also know that links tend to die out but you guys are "the" community when it comes to this. From everything i've read, THIS is the place to ask about this.


Does anyone know where to find a fully fleshed out downloadable theme for CoinOps and where?


I would really appreciate any help i can get and please, again, forgive me if the format is wrong or i'm in the wrong place. I'm kind of an "old guy" when it comes to gaming and there's so much to read, it's complete overload sometimes so i get a little lost.


Any help would be appreciated and, again, sorry if this post steps on anyone toes.



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Guest tommiegunz
22 minutes ago, immortalsoule said:


I've seen that but isn't the Arcadepunks link down?

someone else has this build  i will see if i can get it for you all you need is the theme right?

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