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Wangan midnight Maximum Tune 6R Dongle Error.


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18 hours ago, Arotu said:

I am trying to launch the game with Teknoparrot but when i try to launch the game with JConfig i also get the same error can i fix this in anyway? i am also using an xbox one controller to play.

Willing to share WMMT6R dump ?

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2 hours ago, Sumomokeitaro said:

Nope, 6R is out there alright, the FFB is out as well if you download the latest FFB package.

A link to share of the R version ?

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The title screen should show 6r

although it doesn’t add anything to the story mode it adds

mainly more cars maybe now that 6rr is released we’ll see 6r soon 

tp/jc support it and we’ll probably get those loaders update support shortly after

Edited by R.R.Z.
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