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Voile je recherche ce jeux Sturmwind (Europe) (Unl) (Rerelease) en version GDI et qui fonctionne sous redream , flycast , reicast ou demul car j'ai une version de ce jeux en gdi qui ne fonctionne pas malheureusement , je ne veux pas la version cdi car je l'ai deja , si je veux la version GDI c'est tout simplement pour la mettre sur mon gdemu bien sur.

Merci d'avance

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Afaik there is no .GDI image of Sturmwind, because it is not a GDROM disc like all official SEGA releases, nobody can press those discs anymore since the last official game release.

All indie games released for Dreamcast after SEGA stopped making GDROM discs are normal CD discs .CDI, which probably do not work on a non MIL-CD compatible Dreamcast

I guess there is some kind of copy protection on this game to verify authenticity, maybe there is a patched version floating around


Below, a GD ROM, in the top photo it is missing the inner tracks




GDEMU supports .CDI but you already knew that

You got a original GDEMU or a clone ?

Clones can not be updated with original firmware, so still got some bugs.

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Il y a 20 heures, Onkel a dit :

Once again, there is no .GDI version because there was no GDROM version of this game released


Understood ?


This .cdi works fine for me with CDDA audio in Flycast



I'll test it one of these days on my original GDEMU

yes the cdi work well

j just received my gdemu and i try manu game , i have a gdi of Border Down v1.000 (2003)(G.rev)(JP)(en)[!] but in the gdmenu no work also maybe my gdi it s not good if you have the gdi i am ok for download ^^

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il y a 34 minutes, Onkel a dit :


I guess you got a EU Dreamcast, and try to run a Japanese game, use above tool for changing game to region free.

https://archive.org/download/interludev1.0032003necinterchanneljp/Border Down v1.000 (2003)(G.rev)(JP)(en)[!].zip

i already change region but no work and i take this version in this site


i try again and now work it s good

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quelqu'un a déjà tester ca


y a certain jeux qui serais pas mal car en exclus sur cette compilation , pour les autres jeux je les ai déjà car ils sont sur la toile , le seul plus c est qu'ils ont enlevé les dummy ce qui peux faire gagner de la place sur une carte sd ^^


petite question , y a t il moyen de trimmer les gdi dreamcast ???

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