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Altered Carbon and tron Bat Files Not Working


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Hello All. I Downloaded the tron and altered carbon games through the megalink, I Unzipped them and i noticed they were missing the .bat file. I got the ones that were in the the section to download. but when i placed them in the appropriate section and ran it, i got an indexing games warning then they closed. i tried again but i dont get the indexing warning any more. I only get a super quick flash but nothings happening. can anyone tell me the problem? None of the other games in the list below do this. i never mess with the bat file. i dont know what im doing wrong here. could someone lend me a hand?


this was the script line in the bat file.


Start Singe.exe -k -z -d AlteredCarbon\Index -v AlteredCarbon\Movie\ACR.mp4 -w AlteredCarbon\AlteredCarbon.singe


Only Tron and Altered Carbon Did This


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