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TANK! TANK! TANK! Namco Bandai 2012 Arcade game


Tested and fully operational with analog controls.


Latest build :  CEMU 1.22.8 


Pc Specs tested on:

i7 4790k 4.0 ghz and quad q9400 2.66 ghz

Gpu's : Nvidia gtx 950 and 660 gtx.



tank 2.gif

tank tank 3.gif

tank tank tank.gif



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36 minutes ago, eljose said:

IT KEEPS me loading forever :( the main screen , do i need som extra files ? . still gives me the error 106-0502

Sin título.png

Are you on the recent Cemu update?

Make sure to update the graphics pack in the emulator.


Check Key decryptors for the game or download a new pack and rename to key. Double check that Tank tank tank's keys are there in the text.

Game requires Opengl and not d3d.

Check if you have Nvidia,Amd,or intel integrated?


Double check your redist c++ redistributables.

you should have all pacls installed from 2005 till 2019.

net framework latest version

Dxweb installed

Directx 11 and above required.

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are you connected to cemu online?   cause that's seems to be the only option as to why it won't boot past that error code screen ?/ 

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37 minuti fa, jonathanhooper ha scritto:

nope still error code errula even though im fake connected online =  bah . 


it doesnt need online - you need the updated rom





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24 minutes ago, joefish said:

oh tidy well that will do it thank you very much for help all good stuff another game playable :)

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5 minutes ago, joefish said:


its time for an uk arcades video :fiesta:

yea indeed it is a game that deserves archiving and a few playthroughs yes indeedy :)

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On 25/03/2021 at 9:45 AM, joefish said:

dude this is v0 when i play it in cemu... nvm ill buy it on the nintendostore because cemu work with nintendostore now 

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On 5/31/2021 at 11:00 PM, Nanashi004 said:

are there any differences between this version and the ARCADE version of TANK TANK TANK ¡¡ ??

Hi there.

Overall both versions are graphically almost identical.


However, There are quite few differences:


1. The wii u version seems to run at 30 frames per second while the arcade runs at solid 60. " no fps hacks have been developed for this game on cemu yet".

2. The attract mode and stage selection screen is different .


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