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WMMT 2 CAR RIPPING GUIDE (might work with map models)


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WMMT 2 CAR MODEL RIPPING TUTORIAL (maybe works with map models idk) ( might work with wmmt 1 models i dont have a rom to test)

1 download dffconv by the hero (aap) from here http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/utils/librw_bin/ ( just click on dffconv and the download will start) after it finishes click copy

2 open the folder of the car model>player or the car of the character you want and paste the dffconv in there you should see for example BNR34_BODY_TUNED.rx1 BNR34_BODY.rx1

3 click to the right of the folder name in the like the image down


4 type cmd and copy paste this AND CHANGE THE <carname> TO THE CAR NAME   and <outputname> to anything you want

""convdff.exe -u -v 36003 <carname>.rx1 <outputname>.dff""

EXAMPLE`convdff.exe -u -v 36003 BNR32_BODY.rx1 r32_export.dff`

5 and the exported file should appear in the same directory now you need to download and install KAMS (GF) dff importer script  which can be found here https://yadi.sk/d/DQMt4tMM3TTV5e **DONT DOWNLOAD old**  

6 after you install kams script open 3ds max and go to utility menu 🔨 and then scroll down until you see DFF IO click on DFF IO and then expand Import DFF *and make sure you have .png and standart material selected so your materials will work 

7 after you import your model you want to rotate x axis 90 degree

8 dont forget to convert your tire and upgrades models  

after that you can do whatever you want with the models

9 for textures just open the .tdx using magicTXD and click export > export all > png > choose directory and export
NOTE - each color has its own texture file but the only difference is an image called <carname>_BODY this image is the only one that changes between all .txd 

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