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Arcade Racing Legends (Dreamcast CDI)


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Arcade Racing Legends



Get your old Dreamcast’s engine warmed up and show off your driving skills as you take the wheel of one of the dozens of legendary cars included in Arcade Racing Legends game!


At full speed, on an original soundtrack you will try to control your vehicle on 7 varied circuits (city, desert…).
Face your friends in frenzied games thanks to the “Duel” mode or take up the challenges of the “Career” mode.
Train and improve your skills to unlock additional features. Need more perfection? A Time Trial mode is here to let you know every turn on the joystick tip and take on your shadow!

Independent retro game of the year, developed for the 20th anniversary of the console by the publisher PixelHeart and financed via Kickstarter with more than 300 contributors.

– Duel 2 players
– Arcade Mode
– Career Mode
– More than 15 vehicles
– 7 Circuits
– Original musics Electro, Punk/Rock





CDI Download:

This works on emulators and Dreamcast consoles. Enjoy!

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6 hours ago, ducon2016 said:

What is so special with this game? It does not look as good as games made back in the day. Am I missing something?

It is a independent / indie development, no billion dollar company with loads of personel behind this game, just like these other games



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20 hours ago, groundbeef said:

The game is rare. It is not widely available and it is a collectible. These are reasons enough for it to be special. It isn't a great game or groundbreaking, but it is highly playable and fun.


Cool thanks, makes total sense for collectors and great for sharing.

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Le 26/02/2021 à 20:42, djsteph974 a dit :

Funciona com níquel no Dreamshell via SD 😊

Converta cdi para iso usando Daemon Tool e Isomake.

Em seguida, nas configurações do Dreamshell, selecione ip.bin e homebrew.


Não testei no meu disco rígido.




hello, as you did to convert to ISO I'm trying all the ways but the ISO always makes an error when I'm going to run in SD by Dreamshell

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Le 22/02/2021 à 21:33, groundbeef a dit :


  Révéler le contenu masqué




Download ISO Make pack v2.4 :


Mount CDI file on Daemon or Alcohol

Copy all files and folders from CD in the folder DATA (ISO Make pack)

Launch create_iso.bat


Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/dragoncity17.wordpress.com/2018/03/04/sega-dreamcast-dreamshell/amp/

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Em 03/04/2021 às 08:40, djsteph974 disse:


Baixe ISO  Make pack v2.4  :


Mount CDI file on Daemon or Alcohol

Copie  todos os arquivos e pastas do CD  para a pasta DATA (ISO Make pack) 

Comece  create_iso.bat


Fonte:  https://www.google.com/amp/s/dragoncity17.wordpress.com/2018/03/04/sega-dreamcast-dreamshell/amp/





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