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[Arcade PC] Lord of Vermilion IV 20 PLAN (TTX3)


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Lord of Vermilion IV 20 PLAN dump, full extraction from vdimg_ec.img


The game may have to be patched or fixed to work offline, it's not tested yet.

Game language seems to be in japanese.
Game.exe is HellGame.exe in Binaries/TypeX/ folder.


Links :


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Game needs special hardware to recognize cards type / position on playing field, just like LOV 3 and also has a touch screen


This is not a normal camera, it is infrared with a FPGA, for card type / position recognition  

And there in lies the problem, emulating a FPGA, can be very tricky / impossible


So my guess is, this game is a no go for a long while :(:

But time will tell .....

And of course, the playing cards themselves



No I do NOT have the software for a matching server


THANKS @Layer for uploading !! :very-good:

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