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Arcade setup with multiple controller laggy


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Hi everyone,


I'm having a problem with my setup. I have:


2 x fight stick (zero delay usb)

2 x flight stick joystick (logitech 3d pro)

2 x twin usb controller (connected are 2pcs. fanatech 2 PS2 controller and 2pcs standard analog PS2 controller)

2 x aimtrak lightgun

2 x usb PS2 wireless gamepad 


A total of 10 usb plugged in and 12 devices. All connected to orico ctu23 16 port usb hub as i only have 1 x usb2.0 and 2 x usb 3.0 port in my laptop. I'm running Windows 10 build 1803, i7 8th gen @ 2.20ghz, 32gb ddr4 ram, nvme m.2., plugged in running at best performance.


Whenever all devices are plugged in, some controllers are having may 3 up to 5 seconds delay and both aimtrak light gun are not being read by the utility. Rarely all controllers are responding properly but most of the time its too laggy even for the mouse.


I tried different test with no luck. I'm planning to hide all the connection at the back so i'm hoping that there is a solution to have them all plugged.

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