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How to stop CXBX from returning stick input to center of screen?


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I am asking for Virtua Cop 3 mainly..

Yes I know there a bunch of complicated ways to get it to work with mouse with stuff like AHK and Demulshooter, but I couldn't figure it out. 

So I thought, if I configure left stick to mouse input, it would be at least closer to light gun input... the only problem is whether I configure a controller or mouse, the input always returns to center of the screen.

Is there a way to stop this from happening? Any axis or sensitivity setting I can change?

Really appreciate it if someone could give me some pointers....

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Sorry, bit of a late answer but for mouse (as well as lightguns) support you need to disable all inputs into CXBXR and get it back using Demulshooter. Once you downloaded it, I suggest you put it in a folder of your choosing and make a bat file to launch the game directly.

Here's a template, just modify it according to your paths and you should be good to go.

cd /d C:\PathToDemulShooter
start DemulShooter.exe -target=chihiro -rom=vcop3
start /wait C:\PathToCXBXR\cxbx.exe /load "C:\PathToYourRoms\vc3.xbe"
WMIC PROCESS WHERE Name="DemulShooter.exe" CALL Terminate


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In VC3, when using a crontroller, use the D-PAD and not the Stick, the cursor won't come back to the center

My problem regarding DemulShooter is that y mouse cursor is stuck in the top left corner, whatever game I play, and even in the config tool and the diag tool.


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