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Mario Kart DX -Sega Daytona ((compatible webcam))


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I noticed when using the webcam you have to turn the cam upside down for Mario Kart and the complete opposite direction when playing Daytona. so I purchased two of the cams put them both in a project box with one of the cams turned one way and the other turned in the opposite direction. I'M also using a USB hub with on and off switches to turn on the left or right cam depending on what game I want to play. I removed the plastic connector from the cam module and soldered a usb cable straight to the pins of each cam the pins are labeled 1-5 |pin 1 red wire or vcc + 5v pin |2 white wire or data - | pin 3 green wire or data + |pin 4 black wire or ground| and pin 5 is not used the cam wont come with a cable trust me Iasked the seller 

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