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Teknoparrot help


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Hello All,

I am completely new to teknoparrot and I seem to be doing something wrong because no games will load for me. I have downloaded some dumps posted on this site, but when I add them to TP they crash. The tutorial says I am supposed to add the game exe to the launch location but is that the same game.exe in these folders? On the tutorial, the exe was named the same as the machine.




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Guest petje

Well you do not have a "clean dump" 

Somebody added GameLoader files, another emulator, and other crap, which teknoparrot does not like !

The top picture is Blaz Blue Continuum Shift ?

You use Gameloader for other games ? 

No, it is not a virus


Should it pop up, type Agree and save the text file, and run again


Here my files, remove all your files from the game root, and use these


Use my Gameloader.exe (version 3.6.7) to start the game, check resolution in Game Loader Config.exe settings

You can find version 3.6.8 here, scroll a lot !



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Thank you Petje,


I was just using that one game as an example, but all of them do the same. I got all the files from here about 89 gigs and I guess they are all bad dumps.

I downloaded 368 and I will try to figure it out tonight when I get home from work.





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