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How can i save my score on Pop'n music?


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Hi i'm a new user, i have 2 questions

1)How can i save my progress on pop n music? I see some video of people that save their score(i think with a card). If someone know how do that, can help me? Look that for exemple 

At minute 1:50 he use a card. How can i get it?


2) I've some problem to visualize japanese ideogram, and i find a lot of .... ,,,, and other symbols. How can i solve the problem? Have i change lenguage?

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Guest petje

What version do you try to load ?

How do try to load it ?

With spicetools ?

Use spice -ea ?


Add languge pack to windows


More info needed.

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Guest petje
17 minutes ago, Gianmaryo said:

Wich language have i to add?



And what is spicetool?


Not sure what versions of PNM are supported



Make a .txt file in the game root folder containing this one line

@start spice.exe -ea




@start spice64.exe -ea


One is for 32 bit games the other for 64 bit (error log will show you if you need one or the other)

Rename the .txt file to .bat so it becomes a batch file ! (show hidden extensions in windows)



Run the bat file to start the game 






Probably a external game save server needed, i have no address 


Or .....


If you have an original Wavepass reader and have it connected to a COM port on your computer,

SpiceTools should be able to use it.

It was being created and tested with the newer readers also used in the newer Pop'n Music games.

Example for one reader on COM3: -reader COM3

Example for two readers for P1/2 on COM3 and COM4: -reader COM3 -reader COM4

Example for one reader with P1/2 toggle on NumLock: -togglereader COM3




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Thanks for the reply. I followed all passages, and i solved the Language problem. Spicetool work.


But i'm confused about the issue of scores.

I understand: "I've to buy this wavepass, and e-amusement card" If that's right, where can i buy them??

Is that good? https://www.ebay.it/itm/USB-Smart-Card-Reader-IC-ID-Card-Reader-For-PC-Vista-Android-Windows-Adapter/401779323285

But i'm not able to find the card :(:


What is that for? https://github.com/Nadeflore/ACreal_IO

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