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Madden Arcade Global VR Loads Then Crashes


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Greetings all. Ive been trying to run the Madden Arcade Dump but ive been having issues. I run madden.exe as administrator, the screen blinks and i see the game hints loading screen. after several seconds the application closes. no errors pop up or anything.

I tried to run in compatibility mode for windows xp as well but the same thing keeps happening. i feel like im close. could someone help me get it working? i greatly appreciate it.



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Cnells2000 use the launcher to load the game, not madden.exe. Read the thread like it was suggested above it actually does say something about your particular issue right in the thread lol. 


"Dump includes hacked exe and dlls, DxWnd settings (for some fixes), DGVoodoo (for some other fixes) and a launcher taking care of
path, remapping controls and other commands and settings to make the game portable. 


So to run the game, just extract the archive anywhere and run the LAUNCHER exe "AS ADMIN" (if not some patches may fail)."

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