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WG CRT VGA Monitor Windows 10 PC


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Hello , I am in need of some help with my arcade cabinet equipped with a WG CRT VGA monitor which is connected to a windows 10 pc with a desktop resolution of 800 x 600.  So currently I am able to run hyperspin mame games beautifully but my windows desktop looks funny and if I goto any higher resolutions the screen blanks out and goes berserk????   I am wondering if there is any software or hardware that would allow me to change my windows resolution to a higher resolution so I could try and run Teknoparrot , arcade pc , gameloader all rh games on this crt vga monitor ?


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Guest petje

(Re)solution !

Here you both have a hardware solution, no more fooling around with software / resolution patches for games


The nice thing is, you can output a upsampled signal to the CRT, so run a 1920x1080 resolution game on a 800x600 resolution monitor. (letterbox format)

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