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Arcade YouTube Channels Complying with COPPA


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@MrThunderwing and @jonathanhooper

There is a regulation coming to YouTube called the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA, and youtubers are having to label their content as "for kids" or "not for kids".


How do we need to label our content for future uploads since we are just arcade YouTube channels?  I know UK Arcades and Mr. Thunderwing make several arcade videos and I have always uploaded OSTs from arcade games.


We need to figure something out, because this is really important.

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You can either set your channel to be either "for kids" or "not for kids" which will then take effect on all your old videos and future content or you can choose to decide on each individual video you upload. I've just set mine as "not for kids" as there's sometime a bit of swearing and adult themes in my videos. From what I gather thought the "for kids" stuff is literally just that though, as in Teletubbies ans such. Seems a bit stupid though that there isn't some kind of middle ground, as there's a lot of gaming content that appeals to be both kids and grown ups.

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