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Hi everyone...
lately i've bought a "Beatmania: the final" arcade cabinet (inside "konami bemani dj-main hardware")
www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=826 (more info here)
fact is the 2.5 inch HDD attached to the main board is going to break up pretty soon (actually the game starts only few times)
and i can clearly hear the "tic-tic" sound of the hdd bracket of a faulty hard drive...

Now... i've got no copies of that hdd or a "restore" disk.
Someone said that i could restore the software from mame chd's, so i've tried but beatmania fails at the boot screen checking hardwares...
i've tried with a compact flash and a CF2PATA adapter, and even with a new pata 2.5 hdd... but nothing happen (trying to convert if from pata to CF like the killer instinct main board)
i've also tried to clone the original hdd (on CF & 2.5 pata) but the drive is been only recognized by the bios but once on windows (or linux) it's invisible... like is not attached.
i've tried to clone it by booting the system with acronis or clonezilla... still invisible...
i'm pretty desperate.

Pics of the hdd down here...



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