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[Tuto] Some TaitoX / NesicaXLive games not working not anymore ? (joystick input)

Guest linglang

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Guest linglang

Figured something just out, some TaitoX / NesicaXLive games do run, but do not react to joystick inputs.


I could be that it has to do with "allowed" playing hours / arcade opening hours.

This can be set in test / service menu.

Test / Service menu does not work in TeknoParrot ?

Try it with a correctly configured GameLoaderALL RH package. (



For example:

Puyopuyo !! Quest.

Normally the game has one yellow bar at the top, it runs fine, you can play it.

When you try to play outside allowed playing hours, it locks the controls out, you can insert credits, but that's it.

then you have two yellow bars at the top.

It says: (google translated) Today's play has ended. We can not find the server machine.


Solution: Set your windows clock a few hours back or ahead.

(day time hours) (disable set time automatically)


Done playing ?

Set your clock back to correct local time


You could set the allowed playing time in the test / service menu, under Network Settings.

Open time: 06:00

Close time 05:59


So the game is not playable at 05:59, for 1 minute ?


I use a application (Google translate) on my android tablet.

To take pictures and translate it from Japanese to English.

Taking a focused picture works better,

Because it recognizes the text better.

And you can "mark" parts of the picture for Japanese text.




I hope that this tutorial helps other people out.

It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out.

When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post.



And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy (if you do it right) !!!

And of course all the people involved in, the game loaders and JVS I/O emulation applications we use, and all the people I "forgot".


Also look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also .....

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