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TypeXtra Loader: help for configuration


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Hi all,

i have configured the TypeXtra loader with some games. I have 2 problems:

1) there are 2 games where the 3rd check failed. I mean this: Immagine.png   (same thing with King of Fighters 98 Unlimited match for taito type X. I selected the launch.exe file in order to fix it, s in this way the check became green. But the game doesn't start in any case...How can I fix this?


2) In order to configure the joypad i run the typex_config.exe file included in the game folder and after that the joypad works correctly for the game. And i have to do this for every game. But how can i set the joypad for games where the file typex_config.exe isn't present in the game folder?


Thank you very much!

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