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Silent Hill and Alien: Extermination


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Recently I encountered a problem with these two games on PC.

I can´'t run both with codecs from K-Lite Codec.


To solve it:

Unistall K-lite codecs

Install Combined Community Codec Pack http://www.cccp-project.net/ for Silent Hill and reset settings

Install Divx 6.0 http://www.oldversion.com/windows/divx-6-0  for Aliens: Extermination


Hope this can help someone

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Je me permets de relancer un sujet concernant  ALIEN EXTERMINATION sur PC, je suis entrain de me monter mon systeme d'arcade, mais je suis confronté a un problème de mappage  entre les commande de start et d'insert coin sur ce jeux 


1er question=  ou se trouve le fichier de conf pour modifier le ces 2 entrées (1 et Lshift)


Merci pour vos retours



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Good evening,
Thank you for your comeback.
I would like not to use this software tupe because it creates conflicts between the different platforms
I want to pest regardsrescribe that I am not on Hyperspin, but launchbox
Best regards

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